Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kentucky Days Part III

Here's the sweet group of girls with whom we got to spend a Saturday morning in Kentucky. They learned about the country of Turkey and our lives there. They were all so eager and attentive and friendly to our kids.
 Here's my friend Kelly. We taught in the same school way back 16 years ago when I married CC and just before we moved overseas. She and her husband have also served with our organization in Brazil. We've also been able to stay in touch through a moms' email group.
 Judge Langford was just about the nicest person you could ever meet. They say he is tough behind the bench, but we only saw his soft side!
 Our event took place in a Civil War park. Here's a cannon from that era.
And this enormous anchor and its 20 pound links were stretched across the Mississippi River to hold the Union troops back. I commented to CC (who took this picture) what a great photo he got. He said it was taken about 3 seconds before Big Ben fell off the anchor and scraped up his knees. Oh well, at least he was injured on a piece of Confederate history! Long live the South!


Rachel said...

Wow! Love the anchor! Got to love Southern ingenuity. :)

Anonymous said...

Each post you write, I get something different from it. Something will always stand out to me . . . In this one, it is Mississippi!! The civil war cannon and anchor across the Mississippi River! I am a Mississipp girl . . . A long story to that. So proud of my ancestors who were also "Believers" and refused to own slaves yet they were still successful in their own right. When I travel to south Mississippi, I see so much history that our family was involved in. I love to visit the church my great . . . great grandfather established. It is still an active church, the town named after him and so on . . . all with no slaves during the height of the cotton boom!

I also love the Mississippi River and have so many memories of that growing up. I am not much on seafood of any kind but LOVE catfish caught from the Mississippi River. There is a definite difference in taste. My dear grandfather was from Mississippi and my grandmother was from Louisiana and what a wonderful combination. It is like medicine to my soul to travel down there and soak up all the things that make Mississippi and Louisiana unique.

I guess you can tell I am needing that medicine about now, huh? Anyway, so glad you had such a good time on the farm. When you said "judge" I smiled knowing Ross must have enjoyed that and Big Ben all the tractors.

Thanks for the post and letting me comment!


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