Friday, July 6, 2012

Kentucky Days Part I

We made a little side trip to the great state of Kentucky to see an old friend and to talk to some sweet girls about what we do in Turkey. Miss Middler is such a friend magnet. She's always so quick to click with people. She made this new friend soon after we arrived.

The drive into Hickman, Kentucky, was a beautiful one. We passed sleepy little towns with town squares that were the real deal, not made over just for appearance sake. And when we pulled into the drive of the family with whom we stayed, Big Ben pretended to faint he was so excited to see the farm equipment.

There was a very, big tractor.

After a nice dinner together, the farmer (and local judge) put the little boys in the cab of his tractor and let them drive.
For kids just off the plane from the Middle East, a night at a Kentucky farm couldn't have been better!

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Angie said...

I'm a small town KY gal myself and there is just something quaint about little Kentucky neighborhoods. Glad you all enjoyed :)

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