Monday, July 9, 2012

Rendezvous at the Rendezvous

One of our favorite summer traditions is to meet our new staff at their training conference and steal them away for a dinner out. We took them to the Rendezvous, Memphis' most famous bbq rib place downtown.
 We started with the Rendezvous appetizer of sausage, cheese, and pickles, all coated with the famous dry rub.
 Rendezvous ribs and the environment can't be beat. It makes me proud to be a Memphian.
 More importantly, it gives us a chance to get to know our new staff and to reconnect with a few of the returning staff who are present.
 I really hit it off with this new gal, our art teacher.
 The goodbyes to the leaving staff are really hard. I will go on record saying this was the hardest year yet.
 But there's one guy on staff (below) who stays every year. And it's a good thing, because I'm only staying if he's staying!


Robin Leonard said...

You are going to love your new art teacher - we are praying for her as she begins this new journey! I can't wait for her to share with you how I found your blog long before I knew she was headed to you. Know that there will be prayers from North Carolina being said for you now!

Robin Leonard said...
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Unknown said...

I was JUST there! A week ago!

Rachel said...

That's so cool that you get to meet the new staff before they make the trek to a new country!

Anonymous said...

Eating cheese and pickles is most defintely a southern thing . . . Add sausage to that . . . YUMMY! The appetizer is enough for me.


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