Friday, July 6, 2012

Kentucky Days Part II

It was an absolute joy to visit with the Langford family. They were gracious and hospitable to our family of 7.
The kids enjoyed exploring the outdoors with the little bit of time they had after our big country breakfast. Mrs. Karen served us a sausage and egg casserole. I told her that was our Christmas morning treat normally, since getting pork in Turkey is difficult.
 This is the back porch of the home, but long, long ago would have been the front porch.
I was fascinated with the history of this home. This log cabin dated back to the early 1800's. It is now the dining room, and the new house was built around it. To look at those big, old beams, think how hard the people worked for survival, and appreciate the craftsmanship that has lasted so long was a highlight of our time there for me.
I am glad my children can say they spent the night inside a two hundred year old log cabin. I find that God gives me so many bonuses, things that I didn't even know would happen when I agreed to go somewhere. Has God given you a bonus lately?

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