Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swim Princess/Swim Tank

My little Turks, bless them, started swim lessons the morning after we flew in from our 24 hour commute. They did great! We love our swim teacher. She's taught every one of the kids how to swim within days of the lessons starting.
I really breathed a sigh of relief when Big Ben started to 'get it.' That's a great feeling to know your last little one could swim his way out if he fell in. He teared up a time or two, but he's a boy and a fifth one at that. Let's be honest, mama's not going to rescue a boy nor a fifth. Sink or swim, I stayed back from the pool and let him whimper.

 And in the end, my little tank did swim, not sink!
They learned to swim, to do handstands, to jump off the diving board, even to float like a watermelon. Well done, little Turks!


Angie said...

Learning to swim is so important! I'm hoping to start my Lil Man in swim lessons next year. He will be 2 so I think that is a good age :)

Anonymous said...

That was great! Loved your comment on the "fifth" and how you stood back. So true, so true and I only had four. Except with me that principle applied to hand-me-downs. I never put hand-me-downs on the first three. I was so particular until that fourth one. Then, if it was clean and decent, it passed as wearable for anyone. Gender didn't even count. Ha.

I think I told you once that my kids learned to swim because they had a Papa (grandfather - my dad) and Dad who strongly believed in the literal concept of sink or swim. My husband is the son of a sailor and my dad, well he learned because his grandfather pitched him in the creek. He told the story how his collie, Buster, swam out to meet him and he grabbed onto Buster's tail and that was how he learned.

So, my kids, especially the boys, were "pitched" in the swimming pool at a tender age under very watchful eyes (Don't let a grandfather kid you) and off they went like fish. :)

All I can figure is they are natural swimmers. Until the day my dad died, he could swim any stroke, anywhere, anyhow and he never had a lesson. David, too. I guess my kids inherited that - lucky for their mother, because I did not have a say-so in the swimming "lesson." :)

Good for you and your kids!!


Tara G. said...

I can't wait for mine to get lessons. Your kids look like they're having a blast! My kids just got back from the lake. We made it to MI yesterday- our luggage was finally delivered at 1 a.m. yesterday so we could get car seats and clothes!

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