Monday, May 30, 2011

Science Center Field Trip Part I (aka the hair explosion)

I am enjoying all these end-of-the-year field trips I get to attend. This week Firstborn's class went to the Science Center, a hands-on, kids' museum here in our city. There is a big static-producing ball. Firstborn got to have a turn seeing what it might do to her hair.

Big Ben got to go along, per his sister's request. He was interested in all the exhibits until he found the "Reaction Time Driving Car." That was the end of his exploring; he found what he wanted. The only problem was that he could not reach the brake, so his reaction times were quite slow. Let's just say he will fit in well with Turkish drivers!

The Oasis 6th grade class!

After touring the museum, we took our lunches and had a picnic on the beautiful lawn. Big Ben had turned his hat backwards to be just like the big boys.

And more than one Turkish teen glanced at our pretty, soon-to-be-teen girls. I think you can see why...

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Anonymous said...

In each post something jumps out at me and triggers a thought. Probably from the years of raising my kids. (Thought I'd explain the reason you see so many weird and random remarks.)

In this post what jumps out at me is how much the sisters love their little brother and how "spoiled" to their love he must be!

(Ask me how I know this . . . ha!! Nothing is ever wrong with being spoiled to love - a feeling all children should know!)

We are all different, and no two situations are exactly the same, but in our house those same love-spoiled little boys (who are no longer little boys) worship the ground those big sisters walk on, and those now-grown sisters still take their brothers everywhere they go showing them off to everyone they meet.


Sara Campbell said...

This comment blesses me as so many do from you, Mel! Mary Erin has already promised Benaiah when she can drive, she'll take him to the mall to look at cars!

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