Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This year I have taught two afternoons per week in Pre-Kindergarten. I've really enjoy it. I'm glad to be helping at the school, and it's nice to be teaching. On one of those days each week, I have a Turkish lady who comes to babysit my son. She speaks only Turkish. As little as Big Ben says, he very clearly walked through the aisle at the grocery the other day saying, "That's juice. That's juice. That's juice." in Turkish all down the long juice aisle. She's learned a few English words, "snack." She takes very good care of him and takes him to play outside at the park. Then while he's napping, she tidies up the house and sometimes makes us a Turkish meal. I am thankful for her help.
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Jennifer said...

That's what I need a babysitter that cooks dinner too! What a blessing to keep your foot in teaching but still be home most of the time!

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