Sunday, May 29, 2011

Piano Recital

We had a lovely piano recital last week. The girls have worked so hard and have been taught by wonderful piano instructors this year. Sweet Cheeks took lessons from one of our high school seniors, Holly. My hat's off to a lesson to a 5 year old after a long day at school! Holly could not be at the recital, as she was on the senior trip to Fetiye, Turkey.
Realizing she might be a little nervous, I suggested she ask her older sisters' piano teacher, Mrs. Park, to sit on the bench with her while she played her little song, "I Can Do It." Without missing a beat, Sweet Cheeks said to me, "Well, she doesn't even know my song! How can she help me?" I love that girl's logic! I ended up sitting by her and she did just fine!

Firstborn played "Fandango," a Spanish folk dance song. She nailed it! I was waiting for everyone to get up and start a hat dance it was so good!

Miss Middler played a song called "Sounds of Switzerland," with her hands all over the keyboard this time!

And Twinkle Toes played a Spanish folk song called, "La Raspa." It was super!

Here are the girls with their lovely teacher, Mrs. Park. Well done, girls! I'm so proud of you!

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Anonymous said...

Me too! Very proud of them!!


P. S. I always chuckle at Eva. Someday if you ever meet Karoline, you will see why I said Eva reminds me so much of her. :) I love those no-nonsense, common sense personalities!

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