Monday, May 30, 2011

International Representation

Our school hosts an international day for elementary students. They dress from a certain country, bring a typical food dish, and play games from countries all over the world, all represented at our little school.

This year, Twinkle Toes and Miss Middler represented Malaysia. They took satay with a spicy peanut sauce.
Firstborn represented her favorite....Singapore. She took satay with a chili-garlic sauce. All these pretty native dresses are compliments of our dear Auntie Lai Chan!

And this year, for the first time in 6 years, a Campbell represented good ol' USA! I tried and tried to get Sweet Cheeks to be a hillbilly, with a pillow stuffed in her overalls, but she opted for the cowgirl getup. She took strawberries with powdered sugar for dipping. Humboldt, Tennessee, is the official strawberry capitol of the world! There, her great-grandparents owned a beautiful plantation-style home; her grandad grew up as a boy; and her mom even marched in a parade for the Strawberry Festival in 1984!

Happy Memorial Day to all!

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful faces. How I enjoy seeing them.

I love watching your kids grow through pictures. I am sure I've told you numerous times, but they remind me of my kids growing up - same type kids. My grew up in the country in Mississippi instead of overseas, but some things are universal - those big happy smiles that only come from God and being loved dearly by their mom and dad.

Thanks again for sharing and allowing us to enjoy your kids also.


P. S. Won't be long until Ben is in school, will it? Time is flying by.

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