Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Events

Is your Spring busy? Ours is! Here are a few things we've been doing...
This was our Annual Staff Picnic. (I managed to get one photo that day...glad it included two handsome guys.)
Mother's Day!

We have two new mommies-to-be on our staff. My two friends and I hosted a baby shower for them.

Here are the cute mommies-to-be, from South Africa and Turkey.

So, what are you busy doing?
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Anonymous said...

Ever have days that are stressful?? A big ha, ha.

Lately I am spending my day trying to slow life down. Wondering why everything I do and everyone I do business with is in such a hurry . . .

Enjoying our youngest daughter home from college . . . Everyone's summer is busy this year. I always liked to schedule the summer so the kids were "free" -- no lessons of any kind, no scheduled activities, just good ol' lazy summer days, being creative in their recreation, i.e., making mud pies (when they were younger), eating homemade Kool-Aid popsicles . . . you know. Now that everyone is older, those summers are harder and harder to come by. We are trying to steal 3 or 4 weeks to all be together after Kathleen finishes her internship. The 25th anniversary trip has evolved into a family trip . . .Ha. I knew it would. We don't get them all together very much anymore since Kathleen is living in Virginia so how could we go off and have fun without them?

:) Just wait. You'll feel the same way!

I really didn't answer your question directly but you probably get the idea of how my days are lately. Karoline and I are planning some canning in the next week or so before her voice lessons crank back up for the summer. That will be fun.

As always, I've talked your ears off. I know you must be busy getting ready to head the caravan this way . . . Please take pictures of your luggage if you think about it . . . That is so amazing and definitely impressive that you travel halfway across the world with enough luggage for the US Army. :)

Love you all. Hope you have a safe trip and a wonderful summer home.


Missy said...

This is so exciting!!!!! Please tell them both how happy I am for them. I miss everyone and cant WAIT to see you this summer Sara!!!

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