Friday, May 20, 2011

The Feedy Twins

Our school hosted a rummage sale last Saturday. My friends K and J had some really good stuff for sale, as their kids are just slightly older than mine. The biggest hits of the day for us: rollerblades for US$7; school clothes for my soon-to-be-junior-high-daughter; books. And K had several large bins of computer codes included, just adorable little stuffed animals. My girls were excited to use some savings to buy some very low priced new furry friends. Just as we were leaving, Twinkle Toes thought of her sister Sweet Cheeks, who was not with us and didn't get to pick out one. She said she knew just the one to buy for her...the little penguin with the cheeks just like her little sister. Sweet Cheeks already had the round-cheeked bird, which she long ago named "Feedy the Birdy" (as in, "Feed the bird." We think.) Jokingly, Campbell Clansman suggested she name her new penguin, Feedy the Penguin. She thought it was a lovely idea. So now we have Feedy the Penguin and Feedy the Birdy.

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Tara G. said...

Aww!!! My friend is flying in tomorrow and I'm listing on ebay so she can take stuff back to mail for me! :) I feel like I have a twitch when we have things building up we're not using and we always seem to miss the school yard sales here.

BeechemBrightSpots said...

Oh, Sara, I didn't know you couldn't get m&m's & oreos over there...can we mail you some? We'd love to. :) Kim

Anonymous said...

That is precious that she named the little bird, Feedy, no matter how it came about, so Feedy the Penguin would be appropriate wouldn't it.

Ah. Ya'll don't pick on my girl too much over there . . . .

(You can tell it would not do for me to be around her very much - ha.)


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