Friday, May 27, 2011

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Big Ben racked up at the rummage sale last weekend. A pistol, an oozie, and a couple of lightsabers are all in his possession now. I am not sure who is having more fun...his sisters who dramatically fall down dead, Big Ben who seems to know exactly how to use them, or Campbell Clansman who frequently plays with them! (My friend Barb in Singapore told me that since she was from the hippie generation she banned guns from her home...then her 3 boys chewed their breadsticks into rifles. She suggested if I ever had a boy, just give him a gun and get it over with!)

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Rachel said...

Sounds like our home. Funny about the chewed up breadsticks. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a subject . . . I will freely say that I grew up with many guns in the house (my dad collected) and never once had thoughts of using them on anybody or anything.

Granted, I am not a boy, but I think the principle is the same . . . When you are taught right and wrong you are fine. Our pastor once said that every time you turn the television on, you are teaching your children. Whatever goes in their minds, is what you "teach" them . . . You know, "Garbage in, garbage out" kind of thing.

I really believe that has everything to do with the reason children abuse guns and why the whole issue with guns even comes up.

Second thing I want to say is it is the male nature to be a warrior. God made them that way. Thus, I believe, why little boys so love playing the kinds of games they play, etc. Would we really want them to be any different? I wouldn't.

I have seen my husband, who is the most laid back human on earth, wouldn't pick a fight with anyone, jump up in the middle of the night, load a gun, bark at me to stay indoors while he headed outside to confront a prowler on our property . . . His family was in danger and he didn't think twice.

I've seen the burden on his shoulders to supply for us those things we need by working three jobs at once, never even hinting I should find a job but always telling me to take care of the kids and counting on me to do just that.

That is the nature of a man and I, for one, am so glad they are like that.

We mothers don't need to make girls out of our boys! Someday they will have to take care of a family.


Tara G. said...

Sound advice from Barb! :)

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