Thursday, June 2, 2011

Science Museum Field Trip Part II (aka My Favorites)

My favorite parts of the day were...

meeting these lovely Turkish children who wanted their picture made with my son. (Look at the doll in purple. She organized them all for this.)

...seeing all these ladies, having a picnic and appreciating that I wanted to take their picture. (Really, we aren't all that different. They make fresh borek, we pick up a bucket of KFC. But aren't we all just having picnics to enjoy each other and the beautiful outdoors?)

...getting to spend time with my oldest daughter at the end of her elementary years.

...convincing the lawn crew that these kids from 40 countries weren't here for an olympic competition, that we really all go to school together.

...being thankful that my Firstborn wants her lastborn sibling to tag along.

...taking this picture.

...realizing my daughter collected tadpoles in her water bottle to bring home as pets. Well, maybe that wasn't my favorite part...

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! These would have been my favorite things, too! :)


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