Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tractor Rides

My dad has about 5 acres, so to keep it mowed he has a 'tractor.' No summer could be complete without tractor rides! He saves a bit of grass on the front hill to mow with them, waits til the sun sets a bit, then lets them 'help.' Sweet Cheeks has certainly overcome her fear of that loud tractor!
And somehow this boy just knew exactly what to do.

I have a picture of me at about age 4 riding a tractor with my Papa (pronounced PawPaw). It reminds me a great deal of these photos.

What simple ways are you enjoying your summer?
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Anonymous said...

We are enjoying one another's company but nothing like a tractor ride!! :)

YES, I too, rode with my Papa (also prounounced pawpaw) on his tractor. I also rode in the back of his pick-up . . . I bet you did that too! :) Nowadays, they don't let kids do that. They say it isn't safe . . . Well, we never went anywhere high traffic or dangerous, just a little jaunt around in the country to the corner store with strict orders to stay seated . . .

Have you ever made a swimming pool out of the back of your papa's truck? . . . That was nifty!! Shocked all the adults because he was so particular about his brand new truck . . .

Nothing like a papa. Mine is 94 years old and what a good papa he is.

I always enjoying seeing pictures of your kids with your parents because it reminds me so much of our family. I was wondering if we'd get to see the tractor ride pictures!


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