Thursday, June 23, 2011

Safe Arrival

The rest of the Clan made it here safely on Sunday night! I am so glad to have all 5 of my babies back together, as well as Papa. We always say to each other, "We're better together!"
We've had a great week of swim lessons, and I've met two new Christian sisters there. It's always an encouragement to me to know that we are not alone, there are many folks all around the world who love the same God that I do.
Miss Middler has perfected her dive. I don't think she'll need lessons next year, she's got it! Sweet Cheeks is doing great, too. The last five minutes of swim lesson is "Showtime." We all come in the tent and get to see what they've learned. SC did great, except that her head comes up so often to beam at us and make sure we're watching. That's a far cry from the crying little cling-on I had two years ago.
Any moms out there remember a time your little one was terrified, then came back in the end as a victor?

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whimzie said...

Welcome back to your other home, friend!

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