Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enjoying the Lake

The three little ones and I had one weekend in the US while waiting on Campbell Clansman and the two big girls. We went up to the lake for the weekend with my family. This was where Big Ben learned the word 'boat' last summer. Something tells me these two boys have been asked to smile for a photo before...

He loved the innertube ride...he held on and grinned the whole time, not to be outdone by his little cuz.

Miss Middler enjoyed having her cousins all to herself. She was requested to be the innertube partner by all of them, so she got to ride over and over. We all need a little spoilin' once in awhile, don't we?

This little darlin' was just content to just swim in the lake with the fish!

Thanks, sweet family and big brother, for giving us a great weekend. We are looking forward to the next one!

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Tara G. said...

We leave in the morning...border blues, here I come... :)

Tara G. said...

And I forgot to say they look like they had a blast! Being by the lake is so fun- my in-laws do and we've had a great time!

Anonymous said...

YES, it is good to be spoiled once in a while . . . So glad ya'll get a little of that!

Were you saying that your kids were scared of water, once-upon-a-time? Might have misunderstood . . . Hard to believe looking at these pictures.

I see "my girl" swimming with the fish (pun not intended - ha) . . . I predict she will join the fun one of these times, don't you think??

Thanks for sharing Sara. I miss the cheerfulness of your blog when you're not around. :)


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