Friday, July 1, 2011

Lightning Bugs

We don't have lightning bugs in Turkey. I am not sure why! Upon her arrival, Firstborn made all the cousins and sisters a lightning bug collecting jar. I remember catching them with my cousins Christi and Holli when we were little. We would all sleep in the basement, with our bugs as our nightlight. Of course, by morning they all stank or were dead (the bugs, that is!). But what better reason to stay up late in summer? I can't think of one!
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Anonymous said...

I remember catching lightning bugs with my cousins in the country as a little girl - what fun we had! I love reading the life adventures of you and your sweet family!

Kelli said...

Oh I love this! I realized just last week that my kids had no idea what lightning bugs were so Naomi and I set out to find them- jar with holes on top and all- and we found NONE- I was so disappointed! And bless her sweet little international heart- she was very confused. About an hour later some neighbors shot off fire works and she looked out her window and said to Jason, "daddy, is that what Mommy was looking for outside?"...

The Fish Family said...

Love that photo. Need to get a copy of it!!

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