Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cheaper By The Dozen: Big Ben

Miss LaMertha, our director, (who has more talent in her little finger than most in Hollywood!) asked if Big Ben could make a small appearance in the play. Oh, how cute, I thought! Sure!

And so the week of dress rehearsals began, and Big Ben certainly made his appearance. Here, Miss LaMertha is giving the two little Gilbreths some instructions.
Let's just say that as the week went on, they grew more confident in their roles. Maybe a better word would be unpredictable!

At the beginning of the play, the Gilbreths are all preparing to go on a picnic. Mother brings the two little ones out. They had to stand and listen, then run.... get into this car. Twinkle Toes was our ace in the hole. She would be on stage, he would go to her. She would hoist him up and carry him as they ran with the car. But as the week progressed, Big Ben got more and more excited about the car. By the first performance, he didn't want anyone taking him to the car. He just ran and hopped in. Twinkle Toes was relieved. He's about 1/2 her weight!

And then there was the night we did a photo shoot. The two boys ran up on stage and lay down on the set's den rug. We all thought it was so cute, chins in their hands, ready for a picture. The more we ooohhed and ahhhed, the more keyed up they got. At one point, I looked up and Big Ben was licking the rug, then turning to be sure everyone saw it. Sigh. The rug came from the front door of the school.

Watch out, world, he's made his debut!
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Lindsey said...

Your kids have gotten so big, Sara - and that little one of yours is such a ham!! I'm looking forwards to reading back & catching up on all of your adventures.

Hopefully this summer I'll get to blog again. This schoolyear has been INSANELY swamped. Good, but swamped. :)

Hope all's well in the land of Turkey!!

Anonymous said...


How fun this looks. Wish I could have seen the play . . . . !


Tara G. said...

I would have paid big bucks to watch him!!!

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