Saturday, June 25, 2011

Apples of Gold

This morning we head out to Memphis to visit kinfolk there. It's been a fun week up here, and we've completed swim lessons. For breakfast, we had bacon, eggs, biscuits, and baked apples. The apples came from my Granny's "old house." Granny, for whom Sweet Cheeks (Eva) is named, is in heaven. My aunt visited the property in Virginia, and brought my mom a bag of apples back. I think Granny would be proud to know she is still feeding us, just like so many summers spent at her house.
Have a great weekend, all!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, she would!! Isn't it amazing? I, too, am often touched by the godly legacy left by my dad and the things he did that still carry on even after he is gone.

You cannot replace these grandmothers . . . There are no words and no equal to them. I hope God allows me to be such a grandmother someday!! I can hardly wait. :)


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