Monday, November 9, 2009

Saffron Bolu Part IV

I almost abandoned this string of posts. Almost. But since I had already uploaded the pictures and since it is representative of 700 year old history and very interesting, I persist.
The reason I almost abandoned it is that my mind/heart/camera are so full of other things now, I didn't want to go back to this topic. This weekend in my country of residence, we had our annual "Place Where Like-Minded Women Travel To The Same Spot and Fellowship and Worship for a Weekend." It was wonderful. Campbell Clansman insists I go, and when a man tells you, "Go away for 3 days, take no children, and focus on the Lord with no home or children responsibilities," you just don't say no to that. But the blog posts from the weekend can wait a few days while I finish what I've started...So here we go...

Perhaps the most interesting city feature to me were the fountains. This particular home had a carved stone clock that showed a time on its face. However, the clock was a key/symbol of the year the home was built. It was in the 1300's. And it still stands! The owners of these homes built fountains for the insides of their homes so they could have water, but they made the fountain have a face to the outside of their house as well. That was an act of kindness to the people of their city. Anyone could come and draw water from their fountain. I like that idea. And I like round cheeks.

As I stated before, this is an old Ottoman town. This was another interesting feature of the homes. The doors have no windows, so just above the door, they built a little peep window. Can you find it? It is on the top right side. Nothing fancy, just a way to see who is knocking.

Then we were shown evidence of an ancient city sewer system. I didn't know they had sewers 700 years ago.

Another interesting feature was this...when you walk through the city and turn a corner, there is no danger that you will run into something else coming around the opposite corner. They shaved off the corner itself so you could see what was coming.

Tomorrow I plan to post my very favorite spot in Saffron Bolu, then I'll get on to the refreshing weekend I was given. Campbell Clansman kept all 5 kids all weekend. And he is still standing. That's blog-worthy.

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Jeff and Kibbie said...

What a beautiful place, thank you for sharing the pictures!

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