Monday, November 2, 2009

Just The Best

I've talked about this gal before. She is everything you'd ever want in a friend. She has no children of her own, so she basically adopts mine every chance she gets. We saved her house for last when we went trick-or-treating. She never disappoints.

This year, she grouched at all the kids and said, "Weren't you just here last week?!" as she opened the door dressed in black with an eerie candle in her hand.

They all giggled and told her who they were. She kept up the ruse.

Then she said she'd found spiders in her house (last year it was worms). She'd let them all have them if they wanted. (cookie sandwiches with spider legs and eyes)

She'd also been cleaning the house, she told us, and had found her teeth. Her apple halves with candy corn look remarkably like my Granny's teeth she took out! And best of all, she'd saved an apple half for Benaiah. His favorite snack is just a solid apple half. It was gone in 4 minutes.

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The Fish Family said...

Oh I love it - so creative!! I can just hear your girlies giggling now! What great fun! I'd say that tops Mrs. Pats crazy Halloween decorated yard out here in TN!!

Unknown said...

Hey, Brenda, humor tops almost anything. Sara may have told you that her Daddy (me) once in the theatre and with family saw the movie "Home Alone". When the line came "I've fallen and I can't get up" I laughed so hysterically and interminably that it caused considerable consternation and embarrassment to those with me. You know, the comments, "Dahy-ad, that's enough laughing." Almost rolling in the aisles. Did the same with your Halloween antics Sara told me about. Keep it up!!

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