Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Favorite Spot

My very favorite stop through the castle was the ancient chapel. Built by the Nights Of Hospitaller of Rhodes, it was later overtaken by the Ottomans so its function was church-mosque-museum. It always brings me mixed emotions to see ancient churches here. As we entered, a very rowdy man inside was laughing and singing the Titanic theme song at the top of his lungs.
Have you ever just suddenly sensed in a very big way that God wants you to do something, even if it seems uncomfortable or illogical? I walked back out of the church. And I thought. I continued to sense the same impression in my heart. It was as if my feet would not move to the next exhibit until I went back in and did it. The message I heard was: Go back in. Sing for my glory. It was once a place that honored Me. Honor Me again.
But I don't sing well. But the acoustics in this place call for harmony and I can't harmonize. Will the people inside think I am crazy? Will I once again be told "Yasak!" (Forbidden!) Again the message was clear, it was once a place that honored Me. Honor me there again. So, I got up the courage and asked my buddy (who sings really well) to sing with me. Then two other ladies from our group entered, and I asked if they wanted to join us. They readily agreed. So we stood, in this 600 year old church and sang, "In My Life, Lord, Be Glorified" and then "Hallelujah." It was beautiful. Harmony divided, the acoustics were amazing. My heart swelled. I thought of people long ago. People I might see one day. And then an amazing thing happened. The little guard who sat by the door, bored all day watching people come in and out, got up and came over. He smiled and pinched his fingers together as he raised them. It is the Turkish way of saying, "Very nice. Super." And suddenly I didn't feel it was uncomfortable or illogical at all. It was exactly the right thing to do and exactly the right place to do it.
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Allan said...

Wow. What a moving place and what a description you gave of your visit there. Thanks for the courage of you and your companions to join in appropriate song. I felt I was there with you, and would loved to have sung and remembered those of our persuasion who were there centuries before. D

Melanie Keffer said...

All of us are on the frontlines, in our way, in our own corner of the world, and I love to hear the stories of others talking about the way they were moved to serve.

I love it! I wish I could share with you. G uses each personality, no matter how much we think "they" couldn't possibly contribute, as long as there is a heart surrendered to Him.

No one can resist C., no one. He draws people like a magnet.

I enjoyed reading this. It was a blessing.


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