Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Before Thanksgiving

I'd say it's about time to get that awful Gangsta pic off the main page of my blog. So, here ya go!

Every year our school hosts a fund raiser Christmas Fair. We craft all year, then sell them to the public (and ourselves!). This year I turned the reins over to my good friend Karyn. She did a super job, especially considering SHE is crafty. She is very home-ecy, interior-designy, crafty, and she did not disappoint. Here we are just minutes before we opened the doors. Brenda, my faithful cashier; Jeannie, my good believe-it-or-not from Memphis but became friends in Turkey friend (who doesn't even have kids in our school now but still helps us!); me; my little elf Mary Erin; and Karyn.

A new item this year were these adorable blocks with votives and tealights to light up the room.
Karyn spotted these cute babies in Europe, then we designed/altered them and made our own. We had a Russian mom who knitted the hats for them.

The angel tree toppers were beautiful, I thought.

And so, another craft fair is done. We raised almost 6000 TL for the school. Now, on to Thanksgiving!
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The Fish Family said...

Wow - that looks super! Wish I could have shopped there. It totally snuck up on me. I hadn't heard the crafting queen mention it and I forgot it was just around the corner. Ya'll did super.

rachel said...

so glad it went well!!! looks liks some great christmasy things!!! happy thanksgiving Campbells!!!

Melanie Keffer said...

Another wow from this corner!

How fun! Ah! Nothing like Christmas is there? Not only is that a great fundraiser but adds to the Christmas spirit, doesn't it? Nothing like a Christmas "shop" to get a person in the mood.

That was just lovely Sara! I didn't know you liked to craft? Something else we have in common!?!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sara and Campbell Clan! I have been reading recently and love the blog!
Jamie (Scholik)

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