Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Saffron Bolu part II

First Stop: lunch. Benaiah is used to an 11:30ish lunch, and by 1:00, he was ROARING. As we walked down the cobblestone street, we found this nice place to lunch. It was a real tea garden, with grass growing all around and ivy climbing the walls. Even the tablecloths were the local type, from the Hittite design. One other thing we liked is that their prices were posted. We didn't get the 'special foreigner rate.'

Esther and Papa ordered ayran (a Turkish drink made from yogurt and salt). They were thrilled to discover this place serves it homemade.

It came in a metal cup with a huge froth on top. Since it was homemade, it had a slightly fermented taste. Is is legal to give your 7 year old a fermented drink? She proudly downed it as we all watched in anticipation.

We had a delicious meal. Grilled meat, buttery rice, fresh and pickled vegetables, and hot tea to end the meal. As always, we became celebrities. All the waiters wanted pictures of the kids, especially Benaiah. Then a table tennis team came and wanted a photo shoot as well. It doesn't bother us at all. These kids are a gift from God, a bridge to friendship, and one way we can begin to give those around us an accurate picture of Whose we are.

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Melanie Keffer said...

Wonderful . . .

Your trips out of town are always so interesting. I know why you enjoy them.

I used to wonder how anyone could work in a foreign country and not worry about the safety of their children . . . Seems that has been provided for in the plans, hasn't it?


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