Saturday, November 21, 2009


Who are these people? Certainly not the conservative lawyer-turned-school-principal and the 3rd grade teacher you know and love.
Last Saturday night our staff had a 'Grill and Chill.' That's where our adopted grandpa on staff, Wayne, fires up the grill at school and we meet for dinner. Sometimes we play games. Sometimes we watch a movie. This time we came as rappers and performed a rap in our pre-assigned gangs.

Dizzle Pop, on the left here, took the rapping contest by storm. He always did rhyme well. (The songs he wrote me were one of the reasons I married him.) I desperately want to publish his rap, but I must ask him permission first. I think over dinner, I'll say something like this, "Yo, Dizzle Pop, you got a problem wit' me makin' public yo rap, bro?" Spell Check will be all over that.

I wasn't even planning to dress up. But when I saw Dizzle Pop's nose ring, I had to match my man. The sad thing is that my get-up only took me about 3.5 minutes to create. I opened my closet and the bling was there, just waiting to adorn me. What does that say about me?

Some of us really got into it.

I mean, REALLY got into it. For any of you FEC readers, that chick on the right (the one with the silver in her teeth) is the daughter of one of our former pastors. Just don't tell on us.

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Melanie Keffer said...

I often wonder?? Maybe it's the climate? :)))

That was too cute -- Ross with a nose-ring and Sara without that big smile that is always on her face ? ? ? Talk about a stretch of the imagination.

Maybe it's the water . . . :)

I think all of ya'll have been tipping the orange juice jug one too many times. Ha.

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