Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Ahead

We are looking forward to the weekend. What's ahead for you? Our little boy turns 1 on Saturday. He had his (almost) first piece of cake this morning at school. We've invited our next door neighbors over for a little party tonight. I'm also looking forward to some papers to grade, no tests to write, no lunches to pack...maybe a curl-up with a good little girl found a spot where no one was likely to disturb her...
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Melanie Keffer said...

Is that Annika? I used to do the same thing!! I would find a tree I could sit in and read away. I love reading outdoors!

I hope ya'll have a great weekend.

My 6'1" (He has grown an inch.) very handsome :) boy will be 15 years old tomorrow and studying for his driving permit. He is looking forward to his favorite food -- Cheeseburger Soup (Something I bet your kids would love and you could make in Turkey! It's very healthy too!), Chocolate Delight for dessert (the most common dessert on earth I think), his day of garconship and getting his driving permit next week.

I thought of Ben yesterday and how he would be one year old tomorrow. Hasn't it been a fast year? I know all of you will have a great time.

Every year on Maverick's birthday, whose official name is James David Keffer, Jr., by the way, I think of the day I got down with my Bible, opened it to I Samuel and asked God for a son like Hannah did. I asked God to give David a son. In my heart, there was no other name for him but Junior . . . "Maverick" came from David and was put on his bassinette in the hospital.

I am not only thankful for all my children, but thankful that God gave my husband sons to carry on his name. That is a blessing from God.

Love to you all-

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