Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On the Menu

Sometimes people ask me what I cook in Turkey. We do eat some good ol' American home-cooked, but it all has to be made from scratch here. We also eat some Turkish. Having lived in Singapore 6 years, we grew to love Asian food, and I also cook that about one time a week. The other day in the foreign foods section (which happens to include such things as blueberries and soy sauce!), I spotted a jar of Indian tikka sauce. This was one of our favorites, so I decided to try to cook it with chicken. It was wonderful! We sheepishly admitted to our kids that THIS is the meal we go out for when we do that one dinner out in Nashville without them every summer. Now they'll be begging to join us. Tikka would not be complete with out Indian bread, called naan. I found a recipe on line and made some.

Grilled with butter on both sides...
Now I just need to get back to the grocery and buy up all they have of the tikka. For those of us who live here know that a sure way to never see an item again is for it to sell out! Restocking popular sold-out items is not a concept that seems to have taken off here..
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val said...

Glad you found this. We'll definitely be looking for Indian wherever we go next!

Melanie Keffer said...

Now I know what to use those flat griddles for. My grandmother gave me several appliances like that when newly married and I just stared at them and don't think I used them more than once.

I will have to do better. Bet you didn't think anyone would get "appliance inspiration" out of a post you intended to be about food, huh? :)

I admire ALL you do in Turkey. (I am still not over the luggage feat at the airport - ha.)

I am a European gal Sara. The German in me is strong. If I didn't know it already (which I did), I discovered it when Kathleen was in France. She proceeded to tell me how European she thought her Papa and mother were. That explains a lot. I knew my dad was. His German heritage is very close generationally and he was most definitely German.

How did I veer into all that? Another one of those "chit-chat" conversations over a hamburger.

Take care. Hope all of you are enjoying your week. Kathleen and I are working to get something together to show friends and family her trip to France. The stories she has are amazing. I don't know if I will ever hear all of them.

Better go as this is way long.


Rachel said...

so yummy!!!!

Kelley said...

I want that bread recipe! I tried to make that before, and let's just say I didn't do so well. I love that stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Your naan looks great! I think you should share the recipe.

Chicken tikka masala is one of my absolute favorites!!!

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