Saturday, September 26, 2009


Every summer, I try to buy/get/borrow the things I anticipate the kids will need for the next school year. What size shoe might they be in by next Spring? How many long-sleeved school shirts will she need this year? How many hairbands will we lose and need more of? My Walmart stress is high, but I usually do pretty well. Until this summer. Big Ben was clearly a big boy this summer. He wore his cousin's 18 month summer clothes at 10 months. I wrongly assumed he would be wearing an 18 month in the fall, through the winter, and perhaps in a 24 month by winter/spring time? He can't keep getting bigger, for goodness sake. This growth spurt has to level off..he'll walk it all off when he starts walking...those are the things I told myself when I packed in August.

Well the weather started cooling off. It was time to put up the summer pj's and pull out the things that help me not feel like a guilty mom when his little hands and feet feel like ice in the mornings. I found this adorable aqua blue footed pj I brought back. It says 2T. Now somebody tell me that after repeated washing and wearing, it shrinks. That's got to be it. The first set of snaps are above his gut!!
I clearly mis-estimated this one.
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Melanie Keffer said...

I am laughing . . . . Beniah looks very normal to me, albeit not a small boy, but not a huge one either . . . just normal.

Oh, and I do know for a fact that they are making things smaller these days (Doesn't that sound like an excuse?) because of european sizing in shoes now.

I can tell you how I was always told you can tell how big they will be as an adult and you've probably heard this . . . How big were his hands and feet when he was born? That proved to be a reliable forecast in my boys. Maverick was normal but his hands and feet were huge . . . Matt's hands and feet were normal to small and he weighed over 10 lbs when born.

I think Ben is adorable and they are making clothes for shrinking kids. :)


P. S. I actually caught a glimpse of Ross in Beniah's face in these last pictures!! Until now he was a dead ringer for you.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the boy factor. My boys are always off on their sizes. I can predict my girl's size and be exactly right. I never get the boys' sizes right.


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