Monday, September 14, 2009

Humble Pie

If you are a parent, have you ever begun to think you've arrived, got it all together, have it all figured out? Just when I start to think that this parenting thing is easy, something like this happens...

I was walking through school, when I was stopped by Perma-Baby's teacher, who sheepishly told me that PB had gotten her behavior clip moved. I thought to myself, "Of course...she chit-chatted. She is her mother's daughter after all..." So I replied, "Well I am so sorry she misbehaved, what did she do?" Then my sweet little Arkansas friend said to me, "Well, Sara, she hauled off and slugged a boy." WHAT?! Her dad RUNS the school. I work here. We practically LIVE here!!! Campbell Clansman's kids DON'T HIT their classmates!! Talk about eating humble pie! So I went and yanked PB out of lunch and asked her why in the world she slugged her friend. She said, "He took my pot." "He took your POT?" "Yes, he took my pot in line and I wanted to stand by Kayla." Rest assured, she got a good talkin' to and a stern warning that it better not ever happen again. Then her cheeks got bigger, and her lip started to quiver, and I told her, "Don't cry. Just don't hit anyone else ever again, even if they take your pot."
And then she said to me, "But mama, I didn't bite him." And you know, I am thankful for that. I believe my slice of humble pie was quite big enough already.
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Melanie Keffer said...

You know how much I 100% relate to your family all the time? This time is no different!

To make you feel better . . .

I was teaching a kindergarten boys class at church on Wednesday nights. My sons were in a different class. One night, the senior Royal Ranger Commander came into my classroom with my son Maverick and another boy, one in each hand and sat them in a chair for time-out discipline. In other words, he was removing them from their classroom.

I was in the middle of class . . . My eyes got big. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I KNEW if our very patient, godly-wise, older Senior Commander had disciplined Maverick that he really did something.

I found out after class was over that he not only had been wild and rowdy, but had jumped on top of the tables and furniture in his classroom!!

Talk about humble pie!! I worked in Royal Rangers, my kids' had reputations at church for being well-behaved and on and on! ;)

Needless to say, Maverick got more than a talking-to when he got home because that was God's house and I was determined to make him never forget that was not the way we treat God's house. That was a big deal to me.

My dear sweet Maverick could not sit on his bottom all night.


P. S. Secretly, just between you and me . . . I LOVE Eva's personality!! That's my girl!! Uhh, not that she should slug anyone, :) but that she has the guts to stand up for what she feels is right. I love it!! :))

And my sweet Maverick . . . I like personalities that are strong and independent. We need those kinds of adults. While they are growing up, they also serve to keep us mothers from getting too big-headed, don't you agree? :)

val said...

So funny! Although my kids aren't in school yet--I'm waiting for this moment to come!

SevenSwansaswimming said...

That is so funny! You can't be mad at her if the boy took her pot! I bet he won't do it again though!

KT said...

very funny:)
I eat it often enough that it's starting to taste good!lol
found your blog and am so happy to follow your family around there.
here's ours
on the side bar is a link to our adoption blog
Katie Jo

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