Saturday, September 26, 2009

Seker Bayram Part II

After our picnic lunch, we walked back to entrance of the park and played on the playground.

Campbell Clansman calls Turkey the plaintiff lawyer's dream. Check out the walkway bridge....that's an 8 foot drop into water below.
Remember these kinds of swings? This is what we used to play on...never mind the lead-based paint, the rusting parts, or the missing seats. We still had fun.

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Melanie Keffer said...

Do you think Benaiah looks like your Mom? His smile is so familiar. It will hit me one of these days.

Don't you love playgrounds and parks? I do. It has been many years since I could push my kids on a swing. Ahhhh.

I have been working for a month to try and get pictures together to share. I have some of Kathleen and Kate (her roomate of four years) but the slide show is too big to email. What was I thinking???

Anyway, I love all the pictures. I like seeing you and Ross too!!

Thanks so much for sharing your family with friends. I really enjoy your blog.


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