Saturday, September 26, 2009

Seker Bayram Part I

Recently the end to the month of fasting came. It was a 4 day holiday. This is like Christmas to the Turks. They eat a lot, visit family, give gifts, especially chocolates. For us, it was a welcome respite from work and school. We stayed home for 3 days, but on our final day off of school, we drove just outside of town for a picnic. This place used to have a big lake with a dam. There was a water shortage 2 summers ago, so the water has dried up. We enjoy the rustic beauty of this place.

Here are my 5 frogs on a log.
Campbell Clansman is eating a raw hot pepper (I pack weird picnic lunches sometimes.) Firstborn has bangs now!
Perma-Baby was waiting on her 'pock-corn' (popcorn).
You can see our moutains behind the girls. There is just a snippet of a little river now where a large body of water was just 2 years ago.
More on this outing later!
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Melanie Keffer said...

I love when you have pictures of the whole family!


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