Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekend Basketball Games

This past weekend our Oasis Lions had basketball games. Firstborn has faithfully attended practice three times a week and was excited about her upcoming game. She has definitely improved this year. We saw her take more shots and be more aggressive. In fact, several folks came up to me and said, "Wow, your daugther is really aggressive." Is that a compliment? I'll take it as one! She does have four siblings. To get second helpings at a table with seven people, you have to be a little aggressive.  She's blocking a big gal  here! This gal she was assigned to had a hard time hustling up the court, but once she got there, she was a formidable force!

Her coach this year is the grandson-in-law of two people I love very much, who came and served here and helped launch this amazing school in Turkey. I love full circle kind of stuff, don't you?

Sweet Cheeks (oh, it's so hard to not call her Perma-Baby) got herself ready. I noticed the side ponytail and the shirt tail which had been bound by a hairband. Someone has been looking at her older sisters!
This guy walked right in, and just like at the 5K, wanted to know right off where they sold the food.
Thankfully B kept him happy with some American coins. He got to choose a few to keep. Those nickels fool us every time. Bigger doesn't always mean more. :)

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Anonymous said...


I've been enjoying your blog but have been on the run so much I have not had a moment to stop and comment.

As always, I am relating. I love watching your kids as they grow up, remembering the days when mine were in the kitchen (they still are), when I could feed a certain little boy and he was good-to-go for any running around I had to do, remembering Kathleen playing basketball at ME's age. In my case, I was worried about Kathleen not being feminine enough. Isn't that funny what we moms worry about? Kathleen was always very feminine on the court, so I breathed a sigh of relief. Ha.

Thank you again for sharing these things with people outside your family. They are a special treat and blessing for me.

Love and Merry Christmas to you all!


P. S. You'll have to be sure and blog about your family when they arrive for Christmas! :)

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