Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gettin' Those Boys!

My brother Tim has the biggest heart. He'd just about do anything (or give money!) to anyone! I think that is why he has so many stray dogs wander up to his house...he sends off some sort of signal that says, "I'll help. Come on!" Perhaps that is part of why God has laid it upon his heart to adopt twin boys from Africa. He's got a houseful of kids, but still his heart breaks for those who will have no one to call their own daddy. The adoption process has moved quickly, and they are about ready to bring them to America (we are hoping for January/February). My sister in law has worked round the clock to sew/craft things to raise money for this final payment that needs to be made to get them here. Would you consider checking out her online auction (open for 1 week) and seeing if there is something you'd like to bid on? Here's an added incentive...if you go to her blog through my blog, Campbell Clan Blog, bid on an item, and are the highest bidder for any one item, I'll mail you a Turkish rug mousepad. Just make sure you leave in the comment that you came through Campbell Clan. Thanks for checking it out! Here's the link!

And a big shout out to Kelly at Kelly's Korner and Laurie at Laurie's Life for mentioning this on your blogs, too!


Tara G. said...

My husband is the same way as your brother. The military life has spared us the stray dogs, but he'd bring home as many kids as he could...praying about that.

Missy said...

Wow she's so talented, lovely items for auction! Thanks for sharing the link Sara

The Fish Family said...

Thanks for the post!! Love you, sis.

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