Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chestnuts Roasting....

on an open fire, Jack Frost nippin' at your nose. You really can get roasted chestnuts here. Vendors sell them on the streets. My friends B and L headed down to Ulus (the old town) with Firstborn and me, for some Christmas shopping. I bought us a bag of roasted chestnuts. They cut them with a big "x" then roast them. That makes them easy to peel later. This man was happy for me to take his picture.

They really are good. Really. I like them. But when L said, after trying them for the first time, "Hmmm...not bad, but funny they would write an entire song about them." I had my favorite laugh of the day.


Tara G. said...

Hilarious! I do miss the chestnut trees in Ukraine- streets lined with them and so pretty when blooming!

Angie said...

I've never had roasted chestnuts!

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