Monday, December 31, 2012

Visit to Turkey: Delays and Arrival

A few days after school ended for the Christmas holiday, it was time to go pick up the cousins and grandparents from the airport. CC agreed to get a big enough bus to take us to the airport so all the Campbell Clanskids could go along. We weren't sure where they would come off the plane...domestic? international? Would we see them descend and walk behind the glass? It was all so exciting. One too many times someone said, "I think I see them!" and was wrong. The rule was quickly stated by siblings...don't say it unless you know for sure!
We went from spot to spot, hoping to figure out where we would see them first.
But all too soon we realized that there was a reason we had not found them. All flights out of Istanbul were delayed due to snow. The kids were hungry and disappointed. Settling in for another hour or two, we all went to Burger King and split 3 meals between 7 people. (Airport prices!)
Later, as I manned the domestic terminal, I got a call from CC. "I see a white-haired guy in a parka jacket." "Is it DAD?!" "Not sure, but I'd suggest you come!" It was him!
Jetlagged? Hungry? Past bedtime? Nothing mattered, they had arrived!
Here we are on the bus, riding to our house to show them for the very first time. As you can see, jetlag is easily tolerated by youth.
This picture turned out green. I am not sure what setting I had it on, but it occurred to me as I blogged, that this is perhaps how they felt at this point!

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