Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Start to the Holiday!

We are so. very. excited to have our grandparents and cousins and aunt and uncle coming to visit!  It really is like a dream come true for me, after 10 years of living in Turkey. They will arrive on Thursday night, so we had a few days of holiday leading up to it. We celebrated the start of our Christmas break with a Snack Supper. I had some very nice school parents who gave me US food gifts. Saturday night we had salsa and chips, cheddar cheese and summer sausage, popcorn, fruit with chocolate fondue. mmm mmm. I happened to have a package of Brussel Sprouts in the fridge, so I cooked them in some olive oil and added a little salt. What did they fight over? The Brussel sprouts!
Let the holidays begin! Thank you, Jesus, for giving us a reason to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

You sound just like us. I've pulled out recipes I've been collecting all year - things you make for special occasions and have said, "Let the holidays begin!"

I so agree with you! "Thank you J for giving us a reason to celebrate!" Isn't it wonderful?


Tara G. said...

I'm SO excited for you!!!!!!!!! And yum- that looks like a fantastic supper!!!

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