Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Week

My family's flight just took off from NYC to Istanbul. In just 12 hours, we'll be picking them up on this side. We are all very excited. It really is just the idea of getting to see them, whether we get the predicted snow on Friday and are housebound or not! I think the horrible tragedy at the elementary school has given all of us a vivid reminder that everything does not have to be perfect, as long as we have each other. Speaking of things that are not perfect, we've been trying to get the house a little organized, tidy, and ready for company. One thing I do (I realize this is weird) is make the kids take a digital photo of the condition of their room and bring it to me. Yes, I could just walk upstairs, but I am usually elbow deep in spaghetti sauce when I need them to report to me. Here's a photo the middle girls brought me.
 Not bad. Then they added this...for fun!
The last few days have been nice. One highlight for me was getting to go over to my friend's house for breakfast and coffee. All of our kids match up to a buddy and love to play together, so it is always a win-win. She is a gift from God for me. I actually sought her out years ago, knowing I needed a friend who is in leadership, like we are (with similar ups and downs), but one with whom I do not work directly. She holds me accountable and encourages me weekly. It was nice to have a break from school and get to spend that time with her. Another fun thing was finding a new pazaar with this same friend. Vendors rent out spaces and sell their wares twice a week at this indoor warehouse. Gap sweatshirts, Adidas running pants, UGG boots...all can be found there. Are they knock-offs? Probably, but it's still fun!

Last night we celebrated Christmas as a family, opening gifts from CC's side of the family. We had Christmas breakfast at night, then read the Bible. We happened to be on the portion of Scripture where Jesus rose from the dead. We compared his entry into the world to his exit. Then we opened gifts. It was a special time! We broke with tradition. I always made breakfast casserole, but a school parent made us a dish with just sausage, cream cheese, and crescent rolls. CC loved it so much he asked for it. 2 of the 3 ingredients I can not buy here, but thanks to some special US food gifts at Christmas, I was able to pull it off! 
Bookends. He's now sleeping with her every night. What can I say when he tells me, "But her bed is just warmer!"
 Our birthday cake for Jesus (with three candles for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) was cinnamon rolls.
 Merry Christmas! (with a peppermint in his mouth!)

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Anonymous said...

You will be knee deep in family by the time you read this bit had to let you know I laughed about the pictures and reports......I laughed because I do something similar and my bookends slept together as long as they could. It was a heart breaker when they got too old. Kathleen loved it as much as Matt did. He was her Teddy bear.

I am sure we wont hear from you too much and Christmas is just around the corner. Will look forward to hearing all the stories, especially how you fed SEVENTEEN people and where you all slept - ha.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!
Melanie and family

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