Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When He Leaves....

It really is almost uncanny. So many things happen when Campbell Clansman leaves. He's out of town for a week on business. Sunday night, I got back from his airport dropoff, put my little darlings to bed, locked every door in the house, and went to sleep.

Monday morning, police lined up around the US Embassy and the fire alarm at school went off about a dozen times before we could find the switch to stop it. Monday afternoon, Firstborn announced when she came home from school that a RAT the size of a small kitty was roaming our stairwell in the apartment (TB, are you reading this?), and our electricity went off before bedtime. By Tuesday afternoon, our water at home had been shut off. I decided after that last blow to order pizza for dinner.

Have I ever mentioned my life verse? Psalm 73:28. But as for me, the nearness of my God is my good.


Anonymous said...

These are character shapers Sara. Molding and refining your character!

What? You thought that stopped at a certain age . . . . Ha, ha. (It should stop, shouldn't it?)

God has often allowed those type things with me and I have groaned to Him, "Lord, I am not a man!!!" But like when I was a child and did not like hard things, my dad would say to me, "Are you going to settle down yet?" It always seemed like God was saying that to me.

Hang in there. :)


Tara G. said...

It's Murphy's Law- happens here, too! Mr. YH deployed once and the dishwasher blew up (more or less), stove caught on fire due to something faulty, numerous ER visits.... Praying for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Oh my goodness, you have been through a lot lately rats, husbands gone, finding a marshamallow substitute and going back to teaching! I am impressed you went for a camping trip but the hard things are usually the best things! Your kids are growing so fast! I love all the pictures. What lucky kids to have you as their teacher too? I love the seed idea. So much fun and much better than reading out of a science book!

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