Monday, September 24, 2012

Dinosaurs and Man Co-Existing

I am loving teaching Science. It has, by far, prompted the best conversations my students and I have. Mrs. Campbell, do you believe the earth is millions of years old? Mrs. C, do you think the Flood made all those fossils? Do you think the Flood made Cappadocia look the way it does? Do you think we came from monkeys? We've discussed it all. And my secular textbook gives me the perfect segway. I can explain what theory the authors of the book believe (though they don't call it a theory, but should), and then I can explain what I believe. This week I added a new vocabulary word to the textbook: design.

And today, we got to what every normal third grade boy really wants to learn about...dinosaurs! Of course the book told us they died out long before we humans came along. I told them I could show them otherwise. We looked at the book of Job: and These are the passages that describe man and dinosaurs co-existing. The kids just couldn't get enough of it. I have my mom to thank. She always took her students straight to Job to find out about dinosaurs. I'm in a different setting than she was, but because these passages are linked to my lessons and because my students are asking, I get to show them!

There were so many "Whooaaaa!" "Oh, man!" and "Cool!" 's in the room. They didn't want me to stop. Read some more. Explain some more. So God created them the first week, too? Is the first week of creation the reason we have 7 days in a week?

Please stick, little seeds, that are planted!


Tara G. said...

Answers in Genesis has a fantastic web site that would give you more information, too (if you don't already know about it). We have some children's books from them. So excited for your opportunities!!

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