Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Full Heart

We were on our own this week, but everything went just fine. My kids were great. They were helpful (most of the time) and cheerful (most of the time). Other than external problems (potential Embassy rioting, a rat in the building, no water once, no power once) my only real problem came on Wednesday night. I got home from work, did a quick turn-around, and headed right back out to my Bible Study. CC takes good care of the home and kids on Bible Study night, but of course, he was not here. Still, I didn't want to miss. What would Daniel do this week to show others he knew his God would be faithful? How could I miss that?

When I got home, I discovered one CampbellClanKid had a test the next day that I did not know about. And it was cell parts and cell part functions...not something we could just "wing it" on. I was tempted to be frustrated, and yes, I expressed that. And then a few minutes into it, I thought, "It's really ok. She messed up, but in the whole scheme of life, what does it matter?" We stayed up late and worked on the vocabulary. Turns out, she already knew all that. The next morning when she woke up, there was a cell diagram on the whiteboard in the kitchen. We worked through that while munching breakfast. I am sure she did fine. And when we were done, she said, "Thanks for helping me, even though I messed up." I happened to think that's what God does for me...all the time.

And finally, Friday morning came! I walked into Oasis and found this sign. It's the first time in 9 years we've had some sort of a sign before a tournament. The 3rd-8th grade cheerleading club made it. Awww.
And I just had a happy warm feeling all day. It was Friday! It was a dress down jeans day! And my husband was on his way home! And then Big Ben came out of his class wearing this. And the day got that  much happier. It was "D" week, and they all got to make doggie ears. They were to choose floppy ears or pointed ears. They all chose floppy, he chose pointed. I supposed he wanted to be a wolf-dog. He was so proud of them, he wore them all night, even to the volleyball game.
 And then we got to go and support our volleyball teams, who, somehow over the last 9 years since our school opened, have gotten very, very good!
It was a perfect day. And my husband has just landed in the country!

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Tara G. said...

Hooray on the hubby's return!!! My turn is coming sooner than I want, I least it'll be just 4 months. Right now, we're enjoying a laid back schedule while he requalifies on the plane. We took the kids to get bikes yesterday- so fun!!!

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