Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Camping 2012: Friday Night

This past Friday, we loaded up at 4:00 and headed out of town to spend the weekend in the outdoors! I'll admit, it was a stretch for me. Weekends are for laundry, grocery shopping for the week, finishing up lesson plans if needed. I had to get all that done, in addition to packing all our food for the weekend, and be ready to walk out the door when my students did on Friday afternoon.

But it was so worth it! I had no idea how very much I needed to get out of the city, until we started passing through sleepy little towns like this. As we approached this town, each Turk waved as we drove by. At one point, a man hailed CC to stop the van. We stopped. Then he looked up to a roof top, and a shovel came flying off the roof. We appreciated the warning.
There are many little villages like this in Turkey, lots of homes clustered together with one mosque in the center.
We made our way to the campsite CC had picked out. He loves Google Earth. It led him here.
First order of business...layering up before the sun went down. Big Ben has about 5 layers on, as if he needed help bulking up!
Then we had about 1 hour to set up the tent before we lost all light.
There was a little time for fun, too.
This was the little town down the mountain from us. We think it was just a tiny village built for the loggers.
And then night came, and it was oh, so cold! More on that tomorrow.

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Angie said...

I love camping and being one with nature!
That little loggers town is so interesting. I bet there is great story behind that town :)

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