Monday, September 17, 2012

Doin' Just Fine

My biggest concern about returning to a full-time position was for my two little ones. What if Big Ben did not adjust well? What if he did not follow the rules quickly? What if he clung to me? What if he was too worn out to be at school all day? What if starting school at 3 was too soon? What if?....but he has done great! He loves school and has been such a little trooper. I caught the above picture his first week of school. He was leading his little friend, blindfolded, by the hand to practice using senses other than sight.

Meanwhile, Sweet Cheeks, below, has loved me being at school a little too much. Our classrooms are next door to each other. She popped over and smiled one too many times. Her teacher and I both said, "Save the love for after school!" I loved this homework assignment she had..writing her spelling words in salt!


Thomas and Jamie said...

Sara - If I was to crop out Sweet Cheeks' face, and e-mail you the crop to prove it, would you mind if I "pinned" her picture on pinterest? I'd love to remember this for when we start school!

Sara Campbell said...

Sure, that would be fine!!!! She LOVED doing it. I saved the salt so we can just use it again and again. I marked it "Spelling Salt".

Tara G. said...

I really enjoy your posts- just so much normal and down to earthness- love it!

Anonymous said...

Sara, I forgot to comment on your precious little ones. Both so sweet. You know I get a kick out of reading about each of them.

God built your little man just right for being the son of a school teacher, didn't He? Amazing how He designs these things, don't you think?

Just wanted to comment on their precious faces.


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