Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Last Lil' Punkin'

It's time to retire the dress, but it's been awfully hard on Campbell Clansman. This little smocked pumpkin dress has been worn by four precious Campbell girls. Last Sunday, CC asked Sweet Cheeks to wear it one last time. The sleeves are a sort of 3/4 length now. And it's up to her knee. It's time to put it away.
But it is one of his favorites, so she wore it one last time.

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Jeff and Kibbie said...

That is so sweet! What a beautiful little dress on a beautiful little girl. You should save the dress for your granddaughters to wear someday.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Papa is in for trouble if he is this sentimental already. :)

After I got married, my dad walked into my empty bedroom and found a dime laying on the floor. He kept that dime until he died. It was my mother who told me what he did. Said he didn't talk to anyone for the entire week after I got married.

Ross will face that four times - bless his heart! :)


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