Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sweet Cheeks

My little Sweet Cheeks, I am so happy God gave you to us! My first baby born in Turkey! You were so easy to take care of. What other two-year-old could sit for hours at the front desk of our school, munching goat cheese and olives with our Turkish receptionist and greeting people while Mama worked? You are loved by so many. This year you started first grade, and you are already reading so well. You are doing so well in your ballet class. We are so proud of you!
We were all so happy when you decided to give your heart to Jesus last year. I will never forget the change I saw in you that very day. You suddenly wanted to read your Bible with us like your older sisters and pray with us.

You will always be my baby, even though you have a baby brother. I can't wait to see what all God does with your life!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, I think our little Sweet Cheeks is changing looks also!

I have said many times that she reminds me of Karoline. Karoline was an easy baby also. It is her spirit that is like Karoline, but what you just wrote about her is Kathleen all over again.

At two years old Kathleen would sit for hours just like you describe Eva. She would sit by my side memorizing Bible verses and at 2-1/2 could quote the entire 23rd Psalms from memory without help. At the time I thought all two year olds were that way. (What did I know? Ha.)

Eva sounds like Kathleen. You are so right, it will be thrilling to see what God has in store for that precious little one. I can't wait for that myself. :)

The Campbell Kids Fan Club :)

P. S. I loved the previous post you wrote about her giving her heart to Jesus. Sara, what a blessing it is to see our children do that at such a young age. I think that is one of those things you never forget.

Anonymous said...

I read about the earthquake in Ankar. Please let us know if you are safe! Nancy in Ohio

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