Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brother Ben

And then came YOU! You were my surprise a little later in life than I expected. You were the one that God "thought up" just when I had my family set and my teaching career ready to be launched once again. I would not trade that happy surprise for any amount of money. Our family has changed so much because of you. We used to just be a lot of girls! Now we have guns, tanks, balls. Everything has some sort of noise associated with it!

You have been good for us in every way. Through you, we saw that God keeps His promises. Through you, we saw that He grants good gifts in His timing and in His ways. Through you, we got the chance to see what a Campbell boy would be like. Through you, your sisters got to have a 'little brother' when they are old enough to remember having a baby, toddler, then preschooler in their home. We are trying not to spoil you. Your dad does better than the rest of us. But when you get in trouble, your sisters hide under the kitchen table because they can't stand to see it!

I am so thankful for these years at home with you. I love taking you to the park, amid all the auntie babysitters. I love how you belly laugh during our game of "toss the truck back up the slide and down again" over and over. I love how you cry when your sisters go to school without you. I love how you are ready for your snack exactly 15 minutes after breakfast. I love how you tell me if I have "whip tips" (lipstick) on, you'll have to kiss my cheek instead.

You've brought joy to so many people...your dad, me, your sisters, your extended family. We can't wait to see how God uses your life!May you grow to be a godly man who God uses in a might way, just like the might warrior Benaiah of old!

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Tara G. said...

He is a CUTIE!!!!!!!!! I love how his eyes just laugh along with his grin!

Anonymous said...

They don't make them any cuter or any more charming, do they?

Here I go again, but I can't help but tell you that you won't change your mind when he is towering over you in height, driving a car and more interested in hanging with dad/friends than mom.

Last night I scooted over on the couch, patted the place beside me, smiled and motioned for my oldest son to sit down. I pick up his giantic, but well groomed, hand, touched his gorgeous face and told him how handsome he was and how proud of him I was . . .

See what I mean? :)) All that cuteness and charm just never leaves.


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