Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inga and Thelma

One thing that distinguishes our school is that we teach character education very intentionally. Each month we introduce a new character quality, then the classroom teachers integrate that concept into their lessons. For the introduction of each quality, one teacher presents an assembly. This past month was my assembly presenting the quality, "Thoroughness."

For this, I decided to write a skit with two characters, Inga Incomplete and Thelma Thorough. I convinced my sidekick B to be Thelma. Thelma was the teacher who had it all together and taught Inga how to be thorough.

Inga was the student who was anything but thorough. Her heart and motives were right, she just didn't follow through on anything. Here she is tying her shoe, which she forgot to do that morning (along with fixing her hair and hooking her overalls).
Inga baked Miss Thorough a cake, but she forgot to put in the sugar. She let the audience taste-test her sugarless cake, which she noticed looked very much like a cow patty.
She also happened to be a country bumpkin to add to the humor. (The accent wasn't too hard for this Tennessee girl!) In the end, Inga learned that being more thorough in everything like homework, baking, dressing would make her day go better. Inga also learned that God, in His creative power, was thorough in all things, even when he made her. After learning all these things, Inga got the best news of all...that even when she is not thorough and makes mistakes, God still loves her.

Good news indeed!

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Melanie Keffer said...

How genuis! I love some of the things you and the other teachers do at your school!


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