Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fabulous First Week

And so we dropped down out of the sky and landed at Grandma's house....where, upon seeing the stocked pantry, Big Ben exclaimed, "Wow!"
...where Firstborn got to drive the tractor and mow the grass out in the country, a big deal to a city girl.
...where we eat big breakfasts and enjoy the quiet of the country.
...where we find all kinds of stuff in attics to dress up in.
We are home!
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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm with Ben on the WOW's! Can't say it enough! There is no place like mom and dad's/grandma and grandpa's house -- Just no place.

Your mom and dad sound like my mom and dad who always had the cabinets full and overflowing when the grandkids were coming.

I remember riding my Papa's tractor! I remember dress up in my grandmother's clothes! I also would dive into my grandmother's latest stash of books, usually Reader's Digest type, and look forward to a summer of reading outdoors and eating tomato sandwiches made out of tomatoes fresh from the garden.

The trip over sounded like it went well. I love the story about the Indian man! You just can't beat the good life God gives us, can you?

We had an equally wonderful time in Texas taking Karoline to Baylor. God is so good, isn't He?

Ya'll enjoy your summer, as I know you are!!


P. S. (I can't wait to be a grandmother!!! - Ha.)

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