Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Bill

This little guy is in PB's class. He is from Nigeria. I don't know if you've ever seen Bill Cosby's cartoon Little Bill, but this little guy reminds me more of Little Bill than anyone I've ever met. When I told him that the zoo monkey spit on Eva's hat, his eyes got big as baseballs and his mouth flew open. I just wanted to squeeze him to death. He loves PB and tells her every day that he loves her. I love you, Little Bill.
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BeechemBrightSpots said...

Hi Sara! I just love reading your blog & seeing all of your pictures! So what time is it there? It's weird that your post says, Monday, June 14, when it is still Sunday here. :) Hope you are doing well! Kim

Anonymous said...

Isn't that precious? I always loved those who loved my children!!

It is funny because there is a woman who I would not normally get along with and would not like at all, but she adores Karoline. She taught Karoline in school and all but kisses the ground Karoline walks on to this day.

I love that woman!! I can't help it . . . even though I wouldn't like her normally. It amazes me. I cannot dislike her because of the way she is to Karoline!! :)

I know you would love that precious little boy regardless but I bet the fact that he likes Eva so much, doesn't hurt either.

Awesome how that works like that, isn't it?


Christy Wallace said...

Hi Sara--It's been a long time since OBU days, but wanted to say I found your blog and enjoy reading about your beautiful family! I pray for you guys often and admire your work for Him. I have three girls but didn't go for that boy!! Kinda wish we had!! :) Have a wonderful day!!

Christy (Cowling) Wallace
Texarkana, TX

Tara G. said...

Ooohhhhhh! I just want to squeeze him! SO cute!

Rachel said...

CUTE! I spent two years in Nigeria during high school and I could eat him with a spoon! :)

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