Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time for Tae Kwon Do!

After a semester of TKD practices, it was time for the belt changing test and ceremony last week!
Twinkle Toes went from a green belt to a blue one.
Those Koreans are so good at TKD. Must be in their genes...
And Miss Middler went from a Green Belt 1st stripe, to a 2nd stripe!
Congratulations! Now you can defend yourselves from your baby brother one day!
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Anonymous said...

Your girls make all these things look fun enough that I am tempted to try. (Can you imagine what a disaster that would be?)

I love the big smiles always showing on their faces. You can tell they are genuinely happy.

I always gauged my kids by the smiles on their faces. I loved when people commented on how happy they were. Your kids remind me of that.


P. S. Ms. Kathleen has been home for a month now and she is just now coming back around to that beautiful smile that always lit up her face. Not that she didn't smile. I guess there is a difference in the smile of responsibility when you are an adult and the carefree smile of a kid. One of my goals for her this summer has been to help her relax and 'just be Kathleen.' She has worked so hard at law school and done so well. I finally saw that smile shining through on her today!

Mission accomplished! Thank you Lord!

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