Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rooftop Renovations

One night a week ago, this little person (pictured below) came to us at 3AM and said, "My bed is dripping." Yawn. Squint. I assumed she had wet her bed. My shift is the 10PM-6AM one. Campbell Clansman gets up with them when they wake up in the morning. I did the math as I glanced at the clock, it was my turn. I took her back up to bed to determine how her "bed was dripping" and realized she was RIGHT! The roof was leaking right on to her face as she slept! Poor baby! I set her up on a make-shift bed in our bedroom, and began rehearsing how I'd explain to our landlord that our baby's bed was dripping. We've had leaks in our little enclosed terrace upstairs since we moved in. But now PB's bed was dripping! The next day, we contacted our landlord, and he agreed not only to fix that spot, but all the leaks! Hurray!
So, after things dried up, the roof guys came. And what they proceeded to do shocked me, even after living here 7 years. They borrowed my ladder, climbed it, then stood on the top rounded part of the step ladder to hoist themselves onto the roof. I watched it all. The ladder was clearly not designed for this type of innovative thinking and began to tremble under them. But, no worries, by that time, they were off the ladder and walking around, not secured to anything, on the top of our 6 story building.
Here's the view down below.
Big Ben had the time of his life, watching these guys up there and pointing out all the helicopters overhead that day.
And I am one happy mama! So far, no drips anywhere! (And I thankfully did not have to call an ambulance for anyone that day.)
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Anonymous said...

I wish I could tell Eva about the time I was standing in the kitchen preparing food and suddenly I got a shower from above. :) I am relating to her all the way. Nothing worse than getting wet in bed . . . Yuck!

Daddy used to drip water on us Saturday mornings to get us out of bed. (This was after we were grown up.) Saturday was the only day we could sleep late so we tried to get an extra hour or two, but it was a mortal sin to my dad to lay in bed past 7:30 a.m. So, after several attempts to get us up, here would come the water trickling down on our face.

I know how Eva feels! The only way to fix our "leak" was to get out of bed. :)

Ben is such a doll . . . I was thinking of Maverick at that age since he and Mav have the same birthdate. Maverick was full of charm and personality just like Ben, fascinated at all the boy stuff and I always loved it. I think the difference between them is that Maverick has always been shy and Ben doesn't seem the least bit shy.

I know how those boys capture their mothers' hearts. :)


P. S. Maverick comes up to me now and will wrap his big arms (He's 6 foot plus.) around me and say, "I love you, Mom." Just wait for that one Sara!! :)

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